NFL Power Rankings 2013, Week 6

NFL Power Rankings 2013, Week 6, here is how I rank all 32 teams.

1.      New Orleans Saints (5 - 0) – If you are surprised that I have the Saints ahead of the Broncos I’ll tell you why. I think the Saints would beat the Broncos as of now if they were to play for all it. I think the Saints are the most balanced team from offense to defense.


2.      Denver Broncos (5 – 0) – The Broncos have the most valuable player in Peyton Manning and the league’s most talented offense, but defense is very suspect and could cost them in a big game.


3.      Indianapolis Colts (4 – 1) – The Colts upset the Seahawks and their true contenders.


4.      Kansas City Chiefs (5 – 0) – The well coached Chiefs continue to exceed expectations, with tough team effort and a strong running game.


5.      Seattle Seahawks (4 – 1) – The Seahawks were upset by the Colts, but they’re still one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL.


6.      New England Patriots (4-1) – The Patriots lose a close winnable game. I know the Patriots have high standards, but I’ve thought they’ve been than their roster suggest.


7.       Baltimore Ravens (3-2) - The Ravens bounced back from their lost to the Bills with a nice win over the Dolphins.


8.      New York Jets (3-2) – It’s tough to put the Jets here, but they made me believers after their win over the Falcons on Monday Night Football. I’ve been a believer in Geno Smith ever since watching him play at West Virginia.


9.    Chicago Bears

10.  Miami Dolphins

11.  San Francisco 49ersNot convinced they’re a great team yet.

12.  Tennessee Titans – A solid average team.

13.  Cincinnati Bengals

14.  Detroit Lions

15.  Green Bay Packers – Better than their record.

16.  Arizona Cardinals

17.  Cleveland Browns – The team you don’t want to play!

18.  Dallas Cowboys – Romo does it again….

19.  Philadelphia Eagles – Maybe the Vick era is over.

20.  Buffalo Bills

21.  Oakland Raiders

22.  San Diego Chargers

23.  St. Louis Rams

24.  Houston Texans – Their quarterback situation is getting ugly!

25.  Atlanta Falcons – Making the playoffs is a hope.

26.  Washington Redskins

27.  Minnesota Vikings – Stick with your backup quarterback.

28.  Carolina Panthers

29.  Pittsburgh Steelers

30.  New York Giants – So much talent, so many struggles.

31.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

32.  Jacksonville Jaguars


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